Financial Benefits

A Compelling Return on Investment

Optimum Energy’s solutions reduce energy expenditures between 15% and 50%, with a typical ROI of between 2 and 5 years. Today hundreds of facilities around the world using Optimum’s software benefit from persistent cost savings and improved operational efficiency. With a subscription to the OptiCx platform, tracking ROI is straightforward, and after the initial investment is recovered, ongoing savings continue to directly improve the bottom line.

From highly-accurate measurement and verification to powerful analytics for managing HVAC assets, you can rest assured the energy and cost reductions you see today will last long into the future.

Supporting your financial goals and supporting you

Just as important, your subscription to the OptiCx platform comes with access to Optimum Energy’s dedicated team of support engineers. With decades of combined experience and the powerful analytics of the OptiCx platform at their fingertips, Optimum’s support team provides a vital piece of the puzzle that’s often missing with competing solutions – augmentation of your existing staff. Optimum’s dedicated engineers help your team do more with less, assist in staff transitions and can act as an additional member of your operational team, remotely providing an extra set of eyes on the status of your HVAC systems. The result is further improvement of your facility’s operational efficiency and therefore an improved bottom line.

CapEx, OpEx and NoEx

When purchasing Optimum Energy’s solutions, most customers choose to pay for Optimum’s optimization software out of their capital budgets. For those customers without room in their current capital budgets or who are looking for other options, Optimum Energy has access to a variety of business models and third-party financing solutions to help. From partnering with ESCOs to pure SaaS solutions and even shared savings models, Optimum Energy is committed to helping you implement comprehensive HVAC efficiency programs in a way that best meets your company’s financial needs, enabling you to focus investments on your core business.

No matter your financial goals, Optimum Energy has the flexibility and breadth of solutions to help you achieve your objectives.