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The OptiCx® Platform

The OptiCx® Platform delivers autonomous and continuous optimization for your central plant. By analyzing real-time facilities and weather data, our patented machine learning technology OptimumAidrives commercial HVAC energy efficiency, and insights into the health of your system.

The premier optimization software solution for large-scale chilled water plants

Advanced, Real-Time Insights Powered by OptimumAi™

Data driven optimization that learns over time. OptiCx® and OptimumAi™ enable your building to continuously and automatically adjust to real-time conditions, significantly lowering operating expenses in a consistent, scalable fashion. Using advanced Machine Learning algorithms to understand how chillers perform in a variety of operating conditions, OptimumAi™ uses this data to improve overall plant efficiency by determining the most efficient process in every given situation.

Rigorous End-to-End Security

The OptiCx platform uses strong encryption with unique keys. Our use of access controls ensures that we can access only the data needed to perform energy management and optimization services. And boasts SOC2 Type 1 certification based on implementation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

Predictive Maintenance & Plant Diagnostics

Prioritized equipment maintenance recommendations give you an unprecedented view into your chilled water plant operations. Plant Diagnostics includes chiller-by-chiller, pump-by-pump and tower-by-tower recommendations in a monthly report. The software monitors rule-based alarms on details including average supply and return temperature, VFD speed, vane position, and more. It charts daily performance over the month, incorporating past data to illustrate changes in equipment performance over time. Drawing from centuries of cumulative chiller plant operating data on relative system and component performance, Plant Diagnostics categorizes equipment issues and prioritizes recommendations.

See OptiCx in Action

Seamlessly scale across your building portfolio and all aspects of your HVAC system.

OptimumLOOP – How it Works

OptiCx® Benefits

Data-driven HVAC optimization that learns and adapts over time significantly lowers operating expenses safely and increases energy efficiency Powered by OptimumAi® and Machine Learning.
Sustainably reduces energy use by up to 50%
Accurately measures, verifies and reports energy, carbon, water and cost savings
Delivers automated, continuous optimization based on real-time conditions
Delivers consistent results across industries, commercial HVAC settings and control systems
Dedicated support team that acts as an extension of your existing facility staff

“If we turn the system off, we can watch energy usage increase. Then we turn it back on and we can make it go back down again. We can see the immediate, quantifiable impact. The savings are verifiable—we know that our money is being quickly recovered and that the investment is helping patients.”

Kathleen Morlang

Energy Manager, Penn Medicine

“The secret to our success is having the right balance of plant equipment, marrying that with the optimization and dispatching opportunities Optimum provides, and doing it in a way they don’t compromise or fight each other.”

Juan Ontiveros, P.E.

Associate Vice President for Utilities and Energy Management, The University of Texas-Austin

OptiCx® FAQs

What is HVAC optimization software?

Software that integrates directly with a building automation system to continuously reduce energy consumption. Relational control algorithms calculate the most efficient operation of the system and automatically optimize plant performance in real time.

How do I optimize my HVAC system?

For true optimization, the solution must automatically control HVAC equipment as a holistic system 24/7 so that it uses the least amount of energy without sacrificing performance.