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HVAC Optimization for Data Centers

For data center managers looking to save energy in their operations, chiller plants represent an attractive target. But how can they be run more efficiently, without sacrificing reliability or endangering the servers that will always remain the core focus of the data center?

What We Do

Optimum’s chiller plant optimization software can significantly reduce your data center energy costs without compromising white space temperatures. With software that always prioritizes system safety and reliability, and extensive data center experience, Optimum Energy is the right choice for helping you achieve a lower PUE than less comprehensive solutions, while ensuring you continue to meet your SLAs.

Energy Savings Up to 50%

How Data Centers Benefit

Achieve constant peak performance and real-time fault correction

The OptiCx® platform dynamically and automatically adapts to fluctuating conditions to yield the lowest possible kW/ton, ensuring building systems achieve peak performance day after day, year after year. The patented Real-Time Dynamic Commissioning™ technology fights performance drift by detecting and addressing issues in real time. Sophisticated software algorithms and modeling techniques also produce a detailed, real-world baseline, which, combined with the OptiCx® Measurement and Verification tool, gives you performance data and energy savings results in real time. This allows you to quickly retool and reset when necessary.

Reduce energy costs, water usage, and equipment wear

Optimum Energy’s solutions typically reduce energy expenditures by up to 40%, helping you achieve HVAC optimization and giving you an average payback between one and five years. OptimumLOOP® also dramatically reduces water use, further contributing to sustainability goals. Additionally, Optimum Energy helps reduce HVAC equipment maintenance costs and wear and tear by balancing energy use among all components.

Achieve sustainability goals

OptiCx® advances sustainability goals and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% from baseline. Reduce emissions at the source as a result of running more efficiently, aligning your organization with the carbon laws and compliance set to arrive by 2030. It also contributes to Energy Star ratings (up to 18 points) and LEED certification for both existing buildings (up to 24 Energy and Atmosphere credits) and new construction (up to 19 EA credits).

Scale within a building and across facilities

Optimum’s scalable, modular approach to energy optimization standardizes and deploys HVAC management best practices across an enterprise portfolio, regardless of building type, equipment, or BAS vendor. You can address one system at a time, within one building or across many facilities. Our centralized energy management system makes it easy to access the information you need.

Fortune 100 Company
New York
Data Centers
Years with Optimum Energy
5+ years

“Thanks to Optimum Energy, we’re seeing real cost and energy savings, and we’ve reduced performance drift.”

Plant Operations Manager
Plant Efficiency Improvements
Operations Cost
1.9 YR
Est. Roi