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Engineering Solutions

Reduce energy usage by enhancing HVAC controls on existing equipment, or design and implement the most efficient facility possible. Track performance throughout, with measurement and verification insights that highlight reduced energy usage, increased reliability, and improved occupant comfort.

Engineering Solutions

Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

Reduce the energy consumption of existing HVAC equipment through the improvement of control systems. Comprehensive review and analysis guide modifications that ultimately increase the efficiency and lifespan of your system, saving you operational and equipment costs over time. 

Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Track facility performance before, during, and after the implementation of retro-commissioning (RCx) and Building Automation System (BAS) upgrades to enhances stakeholder confidence with proof that sustainability goals have been achieved, not to forget maintaining regulatory compliance. Also allow for the continued improvement through accurate data that optimizes building performance and maintenance. Discover the power of precise measurement—your key to a sustainable, profitable future.

Building Controls (BAS) Upgrades & Planning

The programmatic planning, design, financial analysis, construction, and commissioning year over year of all mechanical control systems in facility. This process is essential for enhancing energy efficiency, optimizing system performance, and ensuring cost-effective operations in buildings. As a result, facilities can significantly reduce energy waste and operational costs. This strategic approach provides a roadmap for sustainable, efficient, and intelligent building management, today and well into the future.

Optimization Road Map

We provide a 360 degree view of where your facilities stand today in regards to HVAC efficiency, equipment health, operational costs and carbon emissions. Discover your baseline to better understand your savings potential, and build a data driven plan to reach these financial and sustainability goals.

MEP Engineering & Design

Optimum Energy designs and builds the most efficient building systems possible, without compromising occupant comfort or safety. Delegate the creation of construction documents, bidding and awarding contractors, and other project tasks to our team of industry leading engineers.

Hydraulic Studies

A software-based piping network to simplify reality, enabling the evaluation of extensive data swiftly, often referred to as a Digital Twin. Utilized for day-to-day operations and future planning of water systems, facilitating the identification of inefficiencies, problem areas, and system behavior across different operational scenarios.

Explore Opportunities for Energy Optimization

Discover how our energy optimization solutions work

Engineering Solutions Benefits

Energy Efficiency Improvements
Operational & Equipment Cost Reduction
Enhanced Occupant Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
Extended Equipment Lifespan
Operational and Maintenance Efficiencies
Sustainability and Environmental Compliance

“The collaboration between Optimum Energy and TECO has allowed us to accommodate load growth without adding capital equipment. This is always the first choice, and the efficiency gains provide savings every day of the year. This is a win-win for Optimum Energy, TECO, and TECO’s customers.”

Steve Swinson

CEO, Thermal Energy Corporation

“Chiller optimization offered us the biggest bang for the buck when Baylor explored ways to reduce its energy spend. Optimum Energy is top notch.”

Kenneth Haltom

Aramack Energy Services

“We’re able to get a free cooling effect—with chillers! It’s really kind of crazy. We learned that’s possible by working with Optimum Energy. Otherwise, we never would have known.”

Juan Ontiveros, P.E.

Associate Vice President for Utilities and Energy Management, The University of Texas-Austin

“If we turn the system off, we can watch energy usage increase. Then we turn it back on and we can make it go back down again. We can see the immediate, quantifiable impact. The savings are verifiable—we know that our money is being quickly recovered and that the investment is helping patients.”

Kathleen Morlang

Energy Manager, Penn Medicine

“Optimum is different. I’ve got a plant that is running at absolute maximum efficiency.”

James Johnson

Director of Facilities & Lab Services

“We now have an overall picture of what efficiency across the plant should look like, as well as the savings that we’ve achieved.”

Healthcare Provider in the Southeast

Manager, Maintenance & Engineering