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How it Works

Our turn-key, as a service approach to central plant optimization, retro-commissioning and engineering delivers significant value in a way that’s never been easier.

How Optimum Energy Works

Holistic Design for Efficiency

The first stage of designing or retro-fitting high-performance buildings that includes selecting super-efficient HVAC components like chillers, pumps, cooler towers, and VFDs. The initial focus is on setting up a foundation that supports optimization from the ground up.

Infrastructure Design for Operational Flexibility

Thoughtful infrastructure design that accommodates fluctuations in weather and occupancy, with components designed for efficiency across all operating conditions, specific to the client’s industry, location and other relevant data.

Key Design Elements

Identify essential design elements that contribute to efficiency, such as VFDs on all plant pumps, cooling towers, chillers, variable primary configuration for chilled-water pumps, and instrumentation for detailed data capture.

Broad Approach to Efficiency

We move beyond efficient components to include central plant optimization, integrating a methodology that involves automation and optimization to achieve peak performance.

Automation and Relational-Based Control Algorithms

Building automation systems (BAS) and holistic optimization solutions work together to automate control, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Highlight the role of advanced relational-based control algorithms that determine the most efficient operation of the entire chilled-water system in real time.

Systems-Level Optimization

We optimize the entire system rather than focusing on individual components, ensuring that the optimization is automatic, dynamic, and continuous for maximum efficiency.

Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance

The need for ongoing maintenance and monitoring to prevent degradation in system performance and savings, including the use of tools that offer immediate, actionable insights is crucial. OptiCx can continuously monitor and verify that the system is running as efficiently as possible, and alert you to dire issues when it isn’t. All in real-time.

Sustained Optimization and Performance

Continuous monitoring, measurement, and maintenance are essential for keeping central plant operations at peak performance over time, ensuring that energy- and cost-savings targets are met even as the plant ages. For tracking progress towards sustainability and other ESG goals, OptiCx provides a clear view of your systems over time, or down to the second.

As a Service Wins

Decrease your risk and move these projects off balance sheet through our as a service model, designed to alleviate the headaches that come with projects of this size and scope. Let Optimum Energy evaluate your existing systems, present a solution, manage the project execution, and fix any issues that arise down the line. As your lifetime partner, Optimum Energy makes attaining, maintaining and measuring your financial and sustainability goals simple.

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