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Optimum Media

Our collection of Optimum Energy related videos and media

Customer Story: University of Texas at Austin

“The secret to our success is having the right balance of plant equipment, marrying that with the optimization and dispatching opportunities Optimum provides, and doing it in a way they don’t compromise or fight each other.”

Juan Ontiveros, P.E.
Associate Vice President for Utilities and Energy Management, The University of Texas-Austin
10 Years of True Optimization
Learn More About the OE Team
Customer Story: Penn State Hershey Medical Center
OptiCx at a Glance
Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) – the Energy Behind What's Next
Fundamentals of "LOOP" Cooling System Optimization
Machine Learning For Optimized Chiller Staging
HVAC Application of the Equal Marginal Performance Principle
What type of network control systems are required in the loop plants?
What type of chillers and cooling towers are required in the Loop?