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Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Eliminate the financial hurdles typically required to enable significant energy and sustainability savings with our Energy as a Service model. Complex projects are made simple with Optimum Energy’s subscription-based solutions.

The Opportunity

Outcome Based Sustainability

Accelerate your path to Net Zero and eliminate risk through Optimum Energy’s as a service approach to optimization. Track organizational decarbonization across sites easily with integrated ESG reporting. Transition to cleaner practices via heating electrification, and continue to move away from fossil fuels and other Scope 1 emissions. And enable scalable, sustainable operations by reducing emissions at the source, instead of alternatives like carbon offsets or credits.

Improved Asset and Resource Management

Smarter decision making is made possible through guaranteed savings enable predictable outcomes and easier forecasting via OptimumAnalytics® powered by Machine Learning.

Enhanced Business Continuity and Support

Empower your facilities staff, providing a clearer picture of the buildings systems they manage and are responsible for. Data-driven and risk shared O&M support allows for informed decision making. Predictive and reliability-based maintenance program identifies issues in the system before they occur, saving you costly downtime. And a consistent source of asset & resource management makes the day-to-day operations of your facilities easier than ever.

Explore Opportunities for Energy Optimization

Discover how our energy optimization solutions work

OptimumLOOP® – How it Works

Why as a Service Wins

Focus on core mission
Potentially off balance sheet
Infrastructure renewal
Innovative projects delivered faster
Energy savings
Risk mitigation
No upfront capital costs
Futureproof availability

“The collaboration between Optimum Energy and TECO has allowed us to accommodate load growth without adding capital equipment. This is always the first choice, and the efficiency gains provide savings every day of the year. This is a win-win for Optimum Energy, TECO, and TECO’s customers.”

Steve Swinson

CEO, Thermal Energy Corporation

“We had to get the machines that don’t have variable-speed drives to work correctly with those that do, making sure the machines wouldn’t overflow, but we’d still get an efficient flow out of each of them. OptimumLOOP made everything automatic, from slightly adjusting a single valve to improve water flow, to shedding entire machines
from the system when demand decreases. Each of the eight chillers operates at a different output and rate, depending on what gives us the greatest efficiency.”

Kenneth Haltom

Aramack Energy Services

“If we turn the system off, we can watch energy usage increase. Then we turn it back on and we can make it go back down again. We can see the immediate, quantifiable impact. The savings are verifiable—we know that our money is being quickly recovered and that the investment is helping patients.”

Kathleen Morlang

Energy Manager, Penn Medicine

“We’re able to get a free cooling effect—with chillers! It’s really kind of crazy. We learned that’s possible by working with Optimum Energy. Otherwise, we never would have known.”

Juan Ontiveros, P.E.

Associate Vice President for Utilities and Energy Management, The University of Texas-Austin

“Being able to reduce energy consumption through optimization is significant. If we don’t have to run the water chillers as hard in the summer months, then we can reduce a good amount of the energy used to condition the outside air… Optimum Energy gave us a lot of the options we were interested in, including making maintenance and operations more flexible and extending the life of the equipment.”

James Johnson

Director of Facilities & Lab Services

“We now have an overall picture of what efficiency across the plant should look like, as well as the savings that we’ve achieved.”

Healthcare Provider in the Southeast

Manager, Maintenance & Engineering

Energy as a Service FAQs

What is an energy-as-a-service company?

An Energy as a Service (EaaS) company provides a model where customers pay for an energy service without having to make the initial capital investment in the energy infrastructure. EaaS providers offer a range of energy solutions, including supply and management, efficiency improvements, and renewable energy sources, under a subscription or contract-based model.

What is the difference between an ESCO and Optimum Energy’s EaaS model?

ESCOs provide energy services to improve efficiency for clients without owning the energy assets, whereas Optimum Energy provides the ability to offload risk by owning, operating, and maintaining specific energy infrastructure under an as-a-service agreement.