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Boiler Plant Optimization with OptimumHEAT®

OptimumHEAT® is a state-of-the-art configurable control software that provides continuous system-level optimization of boiler plants.

The Systems-level Optimization Your Boiler Plant Needs

Engineer & Design

We begin with an engineering site analysis (ESA) to gain a holistic understanding of your existing boiler plant’s performance, equipment, and energy usage. Based on these findings, Optimum Energy’s industry-leading engineers design and present the most cost-effective plan to increase efficiency and plant optimization. For new building systems or conversions, our team uses your organization’s business objectives, plant requirements, and sustainability goals to design the most efficient and cost-effective plant possible.

Implement & Optimize

Once analysis is completed, your solution is implemented in the plant and in the cloud. Traditional, complex implementation activities like equipment replacement, contractor management, and software integration are made simple with our turn-key process. We’re on-site to manage this project from end to end, allowing your team to focus on the day-to-day.

When implementation finishes, True Optimization® can now be realized. Once connected to Optimum’s software platform, OptiCx®, your facilities staff are now provided real-time insights into plant performance, fault detection diagnostics, sustainability progress, and more.

Monitor & Support

Continuously monitor, observe, and optimize the performance of your system and plant equipment. OptimumHEAT® utilizes demand-based relational control algorithms to optimize hot water and steam systems. OptiCx® determines the optimal equipment combinations and sequences for maximizing system efficiency and routes these recommendations to the Building Automation System (BAS). Together, these powerful solutions help your boiler plant operate at its “sweet spot” for optimum performance, prolonging the life of plant equipment and maintaining system safety. With 24/7 access to your OptiCx® dashboard and an industry-leading support team, your facilities staff will have peace of mind that they can identify any boiler plant equipment issues before they become critical, decreasing the chance of a costly downtime.

What Can Optimum Energy Do for My Boiler Plant?

Explore your potential energy savings.

OptimumHEAT® – How it Works

OptimumHEAT® Benefits

Turn-key implementation and lifetime support.
Sustainable, scalable energy reductions of up to 50%.
Automatic and continuous optimization of your boiler systems without requiring operator intervention.
Adapts and responds to real-time building loads and changing ambient and occupancy conditions.
Increased equipment life and plant resiliency.
Real-time insights into plant performance, equipment health, sustainability progress, and more.

“The collaboration between Optimum Energy and TECO has allowed us to accommodate load growth without adding capital equipment. This is always the first choice, and the efficiency gains provide savings every day of the year. This is a win-win for Optimum Energy, TECO, and TECO’s customers.”

Steve Swinson

CEO, Thermal Energy Corporation

“Chiller optimization offered us the biggest bang for the buck when Baylor explored ways to reduce its energy spend. Optimum Energy is top notch.”

Kenneth Haltom

Aramack Energy Services

“If we turn the system off, we can watch energy usage increase. Then we turn it back on and we can make it go back down again. We can see the immediate, quantifiable impact. The savings are verifiable—we know that our money is being quickly recovered and that the investment is helping patients.”

Kathleen Morlang

Energy Manager, Penn Medicine

“We now have an overall picture of what efficiency across the plant should look like, as well as the savings that we’ve achieved.”

Healthcare Provider in the Southeast

Manager, Maintenance & Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

What is boiler plant optimization?

A boiler plant is a series of one or more boilers that generate steam or hot water for heating. Boiler plant optimization is the process in which these systems are made more efficient, decreasing energy consumption without disrupting intended indoor air comfort or expectations.

What are the most common ways to optimize a boiler plant?

The most common ways to optimize a boiler plant include:

  • Regularly maintaining equipment and the system as a whole.
  • Implementing advanced controls like OptimumHEAT® to help optimize efficiency and receive real-time data to make better operational decisions.
  • Identifying equipment that is inefficient or needs to be repaired.