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Net Zero HVAC: Real Carbon Reduction Now

Driving sustainable, scalable solutions for your Net Zero HVAC goals.

True Optimization® Starts with Decreasing Your Baseline

Decrease Emissions by 10-50%

OptimumAi™ powered relational control algorithms calculate the most energy-efficient operation of an entire chilled water system and automatically and continuously optimize plant performance in real time. The technology dynamically adapts to fluctuating load, weather, and occupancy conditions to yield the lowest possible kW/ton for your cooling system, resulting in energy and cost savings of up to 50%, while ensuring all indoor air needs continue to be met.

Measure & Monitor Long-Term Outcomes

Like all Optimum Energy solutions, the technical expertise doesn’t stop at the end of the project.

Optimum Energy’s OptiCx® software allows facility and sustainability leaders to measure and monitor the carbon -neutral project results, rationalize the data, ensure long- term successful outcomes, and provide ongoing resiliency services and operator training.

Heating Electrification

Move away from fossil fuels and focus on sustainable energy sources. Whether your organization is already pursuing renewable energy sources or is beginning to consider alternatives to gas, Optimum Energy provides insights into creating the most efficient and sustainable plant, from equipment to practices.

Accelerate your Path to Net Zero Today

Your decarbonization goals are realized with help from Optimum Energy.

Optimum Energy Enables Decarbonization

Track and meet sustainability targets.
Move away from fossil fuels.
Deliver long- term successful outcomes.
Scale operations while minimizing emissions.
Unlock high efficiency in your HVAC systems.

“The collaboration between Optimum Energy and TECO has allowed us to accommodate load growth without adding capital equipment. This is always the first choice, and the efficiency gains provide savings every day of the year. This is a win-win for Optimum Energy, TECO, and TECO’s customers.”

Steve Swinson

CEO, Thermal Energy Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a net zero HVAC solution?

A net zero HVAC solution attempts to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly system that delivers warm and cool indoor air that contributes little to no net carbon emissions. This approach aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately reach net zero by 2050.

What is needed to achieve net zero?

To achieve net zero, a comprehensive and integrated strategy that addresses the various aspects of energy consumption in a building is required.

Key elements may include:

  • Energy- efficient practices and equipment
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Efficient energy storage systems
  • Monitoring and ongoing optimization