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Optimization helps Thermal Energy Corporation sustain system reliability during growth—with substantial savings and an impressive payback!

15 March 2021

We’re excited to announce our latest customer success case study, with Thermal Energy Corporation!

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO), which operates the largest district cooling system in North America, has seen its peak chilled water demand increase by 9,000 tons over the past four years with an additional increase of 9,000 tons forecasted over the next three years. TECO found that increasing efficiency with Optimum Energy is the most cost-effective way to manage growth while meeting its mission to provide reliable, economical thermal services to customers on the Texas Medical Center campus in Houston.

Optimum Energy deployed our OptimumLOOP® optimization solution, as well as our Plant Diagnostics platform enhancement to help the TECO team with their business continuity efforts. Within the first seven months of optimization, OptimumLOOP reduced TECO’s chiller plant energy consumption by 6%, saving nearly 10.5 million kWh and $356,000 in utility costs. The efficiency gains mean that TECO can keep the entire plant within its existing CHP capacity, a key component of their reliability plan, which is critical to the hospital customers they serve.

For more information on how Thermal Energy Corporation is on track to save more than $500,000 in the first year, click here to download our newest case study.