Operational Excellence

Optimum provides real-time management, measurement, and verification. By taking system data and converting it into easy-to-understand graphs and charts and/or directly integrating with your chosen dashboard we make it simple to track energy use, manage HVAC system operations, find and correct system faults, and report on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Optimum’s scalable approach standardizes and deploys HVAC management best practices across a portfolio, regardless of building type, equipment, or BAS vendor.

Wear and tear on chiller room equipment – motors, pumps compressors, and fans — is also reduced due to Optimum’s operating regimen that ensures balanced energy usage among all plant components.

And, access to real time performance data that allows customers to quickly see the results of optimization investments and to retool and reset when necessary reduces strain on facilities staff so they can focus on more strategic issues.

Realtime access to plant performance data via web and mobile apps