Financial Returns

Optimum Energy’s solutions reduce energy expenditures between 10% and 60%, delivering ROIs between 1 and 5 years. Today hundreds of commercial office towers, schools and universities, federal and state government facilities, data centers, labs, airports and hotels are all benefiting from persistent energy reduction using Optimum’s software. Tracking ROI is straightforward, and after the initial investment is recovered, ongoing cost savings directly improve your bottom line.

Measurement is the key to sustaining efficiency, yet rarely is it measured with precision. With the OptiCx™ platform – you will know exactly how your system is performing at any point in time. Now you have the information you need to manage your energy assets, and ensure the energy and cost reductions you see today will last long into the future.

Without constant verification, performance degradation or “drift” is inevitable, and often goes undetected for long periods of time. The result is higher energy use and maintenance costs. With Optimum, you don’t have to wait for occupant complaints, equipment alarms or periodic commissioning (physical inspections and maintenance) to make corrections. Optimum provides remote, dynamic retro commissioning and 24/7 access to critical operating information and the ability to analyze specific events so you can correct system faults as they occur.

Optimum Energy’s approach is proven, systematic, and scalable. As a result, several financial services providers have selected and approved our solution. This allows customers to implement comprehensive efficiency programs with little to no up-front capital expenditure, enabling them to focus investments on their core business.