Why Optimum?

The OptiCx Platform

Introducing the OptiCx™ Platform: modular, data-driven energy optimization and performance management for HVAC systems. Our approach integrates forward-thinking data science, world-class engineering expertise, and cloud-based operational analytics to reduce operational expenses by as much as 50%. What can your buildings learn today?

Our Customers

Customers of all kinds rely on Optimum Energy to not only improve building performance, but to achieve peak efficiency. Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, hospitals, data centers, university campuses, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sites—all use the OptiCx Platform to continuously optimize energy consumption and reduce performance drift. What’s your energy efficiency challenge?

Our Sustainability Impact

Buildings are the largest consumer of energy worldwide. Unlike providers that merely promise steep energy savings, Optimum Energy continuously measures and verifies your efficiency. See precisely how much CO2, water and cost you are saving—and how efficiently your buildings are performing—any given day, week or year. Mobile apps and reports make it easy to share or trend on performance metrics. How much can you save?





True Optimization Starts Here: The Three Laws of Optimization

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In the News

Optimum Energy Announces Launch of the OptiCx Platform

Optimum Energy, the leading provider of data-driven HVAC energy optimization for enterprise facilities, announced the launch of the OptiCx Platform. The OptiCx Platform provides individualized energy management and energy efficiency solutions for large-scale HVAC systems through two subscription levels: Essentials and Expert. The scalable, modular design of the OptiCx Platform allows Expert subscribers options for incremental energy optimization based on their energy efficiency goals, providing real-time system management that reduces operational expenses by as much as 50%. read more >

Data Science Meets Energy Efficiency: Optimum Energy and The Data Guild Announce Collaboration

Optimum Energy and The Data Guild announced they are collaborating on developing machine learning-based energy efficiency solutions for enterprise facilities. The joint effort focuses on enhancing Optimum’s energy optimization software, enabling greater energy savings for customers.
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Optimum Energy and Johnson Controls team up to Optimize Energy Consumption at Research Lab

At a research lab in the Washington D.C. area, Optimum Energy and Johnson Controls are working together to deliver a holistic central plant optimization project. It will reduce over 1,000 metric tons of CO2 annually — nearly 20% of the campus’ total reduction goal. read more >