Why Optimum?

The OptiCx Platform

Introducing the OptiCx™ Platform: modular, data-driven energy optimization and performance management for HVAC systems. Our approach integrates forward-thinking data science, world-class engineering expertise, and cloud-based operational analytics to reduce operational expenses by as much as 50%. What can your buildings learn today?

Our Customers

Customers of all kinds rely on Optimum Energy to not only improve building performance, but to achieve peak efficiency. Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, hospitals, data centers, university campuses, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sites—all use the OptiCx Platform to continuously optimize energy consumption and reduce performance drift. What’s your energy efficiency challenge?

Award-winning Solution

Buildings are the largest consumers of energy worldwide. We address this problem by delivering significant energy reduction in building systems, and we continuously measure and verify CO₂, electricity, and cost savings. Optimum Energy’s solution has a significant and ongoing impact on reducing carbon emissions. In 2013, Optimum Energy won the Johnson & Johnson Supplier Sustainability Award. Read More.





True Optimization Starts Here: The Three Laws of Optimization

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In the News

Optimum Energy Debuts Predictive Free Cooling

Optimum Energy, the leading provider of data-driven HVAC energy optimization for enterprise facilities, today debuted Predictive Free Cooling, which is an extension of the OptiCx Platform. Predictive Free Cooling eliminates the guesswork for building operators who want to use free cooling—also known as water-side economizing—in order to reduce overall energy consumption in chiller plant systems. The newly introduced software module is available for purchase as an add-on to OptiCx Platform subscriptions.read more >

Optimum Energy and Orthec Consulting Group Announce Collaboration

Optimum Energy and Orthec Consulting Group (OCG) today have announced a partnership in designing and engineering energy efficiency optimization solutions for enterprise facilities. The joint effort focuses on enhancing Optimum’s energy optimization software, the OptiCx Platform, while leveraging OCG’s experience in advanced design services, control programing and project management experience in the markets of Puerto Rico. read more >

Optimum Energy Marks 200 Million Kilowatt Hours Energy Saved Milestone on Earth Day 2014

Optimum Energy, today celebrates the milestone of saving 200 million kilowatt hours of energy for its customers. Since 2005, Optimum Energy has been committed to helping subscribers reduce their energy footprint, and build a path forward together to streamline HVAC systems operations and achieve their ongoing sustainability targets. read more >