OptiCx Chiller Diagnostics – Available via Mobile App

Did you know that OptiCx Chiller Diagnostics is accessible via mobile app? Subscribers can gain full transparency into chiller operations anytime, anywhere via OptiCx Trend, an interactive mobile app for iOS and Android devices. read more >

Optimum Energy Secures $10M in Funding

Investors demonstrated their sustained interest in Optimum Energy’s data-driven HVAC energy optimization solution for enterprise facilities with the latest round of funding. read more>

Optimum Energy Achieves Over ½ Billion lbs CO₂ saved!

Since 2005, Optimum Energy has helped customers reduce their energy footprint and build a path forward together to streamline HVAC systems operations and achieve their ongoing sustainability targets. This year, Optimum Energy reached the significant milestone of helping customers save over ½ billion lbs of CO₂! read more >

Learn about our solution: The OptiCx Platform

Why Optimum?

Our Solution

The OptiCx™ Platform provides modular, data-driven energy optimization and performance management for HVAC systems. Our approach integrates forward-thinking data science, world-class engineering expertise, and cloud-based operational analytics to reduce operational expenses by as much as 50%. read more >

Our Customers

Customers rely on Optimum Energy to not only improve building performance, but to achieve peak efficiency. Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, hospitals, data centers, university campuses, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sites—all use the OptiCx Platform to continuously optimize energy consumption and reduce performance drift. read more >

Our Impact

Buildings are the largest consumers of energy worldwide. We address this problem by delivering significant energy reduction in building systems, and we continuously measure and verify CO₂, electricity, and cost savings. Optimum Energy’s solution has a significant and ongoing impact on reducing carbon emissions.  read more >