Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Impact of Commercial HVAC Systems – Some Key Figures

$180+ Billion

Amount commercial buildings in the U.S. spend on energy each year

47 Billion

Gallons of water commercial buildings in the U.S. consume each day


Share of electricity use in commercial buildings that comes from HVAC systems


Savings in HVAC electricity use that Optimum Energy’s software can provide

In this age of the Paris Accords, stringent local energy requirements and increasing energy reduction commitments, it’s no longer enough to just green your building design and hope the facility is operated efficiently. Ensuring ongoing operations are as efficient as possible and validating performance outcomes are more important than ever. Building owners must be able to repeatedly measure and verify ongoing performance, in real-time and over the long haul, and prove their facilities are saving energy, water, money and carbon as projected.

Optimum Energy’s optimization solutions and the OptiCx platform ensure owners are well prepared for this trend.

With data-science driven technology that continuously analyzes and optimizes building performance over time, Optimum’s HVAC control software dynamically commissions building HVAC systems. Meanwhile, facility managers can verify and track both system performance and water, cost and CO2 savings from any smartphone, tablet or browser. It’s never been easier to make major progress towards achieving your sustainability goals.