A comprehensive solution for all of your HVAC optimization needs

Optimum Energy’s software solutions optimize the energy consumption of HVAC systems, delivering electricity savings of up to 50%, along with significant water savings and reduced carbon emissions. A powerful cloud-based dashboard, plus expert engineering support, ensures savings continue over the long-term and customers have the tools to meet their ongoing operational goals.

Automated Closed-Loop Control: Dramatic and persistent energy reductions

Optimum Energy’s HVAC optimization software solutions are on-site control software that integrate directly with any building automation system to continuously reduce energy consumption and ensure peak performance. Relational control algorithms calculate the most efficient operation of the entire system and automatically optimize plant performance in real time; no human intervention is required. Designed for water-cooled chiller plants, boiler plants and Air Handling Units, Optimum Energy’s unparalleled engineering and software expertise combine to provide the most powerful and effective solutions available today.

The three laws of True Optimization® form the basis of Optimum Energy’s control software, and inform Optimum Energy’s approach to ensuring HVAC systems operate as efficiently, safely and reliably as possible.

Law 1
You cannot optimize what you do not measure.
Without an accurate measurement of energy use by each piece of equipment in the system, it is impossible to accurately predict the impact of varying conditions on the system.
Law 2
Optimize systems, not just individual components.
If an optimization plan focuses only on installing the most efficient pieces of equipment, without regard to how to efficiently and holistically operate the entire system, it will fail to maximize the total system efficiency.
Law 3
Optimization must be automatic, dynamic, and continuous for maximum efficiency.
Optimization should be a real-time dynamic process, not a one-time static process. Furthermore, if a plant’s operational control is not based on real-time inputs, it cannot be fully optimized.

Visualization Tools: Real-time access to plant performance anytime, anywhere