The OptiCx® Platform

The OptiCx platform

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A powerful tool for turbocharging your optimization efforts

The cloud-based OptiCx platform combines an unprecedented level of visibility into your chiller plant, boiler plant and AHU operations with the industry’s leading team of support engineers. From measurement and verification of your savings to preventive and predictive maintenance, from a portfolio view of all of your sites to the ability to drill down into the real-time performance of individual pieces of equipment, this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering gives you the information you need, when you need it, empowering you and your team to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC operations. And a host of optional platform enhancements harness the power of the cloud and machine learning to take your optimization program even further.

A team of experts to help your team of experts

Your subscription to the OptiCx platform also gets you access to Optimum Energy’s team of expert support engineers. With experience in troubleshooting issues at hundreds of chiller plants around the world, Optimum’s engineers have seen it all. You now have a team of optimization and system experts continuously supporting your existing operations team, and assisting in your efforts to keep your facility running in peak condition.

OptiCx platform benefits

  • Improved asset management capabilities, via anytime/anywhere access to real-time and historic equipment analytics and KPIs
  • Advanced warning of equipment and operational issues, before they become critical, via both preventative and predictive maintenance information and alarms
  • Protection of your optimization investment by elimination of performance drift
  • Empowers your existing facility staff to accomplish more, with assistance from Optimum Energy’s experienced team of support engineers
  • Consistent view of your HVAC systems throughout your entire portfolio, across geographies, building types and control systems

Real-time access to plant performance data via the web