Predictive Thermal Energy Storage Dispatch™

Thermal Energy Storage tanks are the reservoirs used to store energy in chilled water district cooling systems. Chilled Water is produced during periods of off-peak electrical demand (or usage), collected in a thermal energy storage tank, the stored chilled water is discharged into the cooling system as needed, to provide greater efficiency and reduce overall costs. Operating savings accrue from reduced peak electric demand and shifting electric energy use from high-cost on-peak periods to low-cost off-peak periods. Capital cost savings relative to conventional (non-TES) chiller plant capacity also occur. 

Predictive TES dispatch™ will determine the optimal time to start charging your TES tank, and the amount of charging needed. Making sure the charge process is at the right time and conditions, to get the greatest gains and savings for your system. Optimum Energy’s Predictive TES dispatch™ Technology paired with OptimumLOOP ™ on-premise software and Optimum Energy’s OptiCx ™ platform, will operate your chilled water district cooling system at peak efficiency and obtain the best achievable energy savings at all times.

Predictive TES dispatch™ determines the best charge and discharge rates for the chilled water system, either supplementing the running chillers, or running your campus entirely on TES. Always knows how much chilled water is available, discharged and amount of time required to re-charge the TES system.

Case Studies

  • University of Texas at Austin | Watch video  
  • Thermal Energy Corporation