Dynamic Equipment Sequencing™

Utilizing machine learning to further increase chiller plant savings

Dynamic Equipment Sequencing™, an optional add-on to your OptiCx subscription, uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to understand how chillers perform in a variety of operating conditions. The software then uses this data to improve overall plant efficiency by determining the most efficient chillers to run in every given situation.

Dynamic Equipment Sequencing is configured to meet a plant's chiller runtime requirements. The software analyzes a running total of recent chiller performance data along with the plant load, then predicts the next day's load, develops optimal equipment combinations and sequences for maximizing system efficiency, and routes these recommendations to the Building Automation System (BAS).

Dynamic Equipment Sequencing works in conjunction with OptimumLOOP®, Optimum Energy’s flagship product for chilled water plant optimization. While OptimumLOOP determines operating setpoints and parameters to turn on or off an additional chiller, Dynamic Sequencing provides additional system instructions on which chiller(s) to use. The combined effect is the most powerful chiller optimization solution available, offering substantial reductions in energy and water use.

Dynamic Equipment Sequencing™ Benefits

  • Extends the already impressive energy, water, and CO2 savings that OptimumLOOP provides
  • Recommends optimal sequences for achieving maximum savings
  • Ensures that the most efficient chillers are selected