Plant Diagnostics

Actionable information and key insights that focus on what really matters

Plant Diagnostics, an optional add-on to your OptiCx subscription, provides prioritized equipment maintenance recommendations, giving you an unprecedented view into your chilled water plant operations. Other tools provide lots of data. Plant Diagnostics zeroes in on the important details and tells you what to focus on. It’s an intuitive scorecard in red/yellow/green format that forms the foundation of your action plan for chiller plant maintenance.

Plant Diagnostics includes chiller-by-chiller, pump-by-pump and tower-by-tower recommendations in a monthly report. The software monitors rule-based alarms on details including average supply and return temperature, VFD speed, vane position, and more. It charts daily performance over the month, incorporating past data to illustrate changes in equipment performance over time. Drawing from centuries of cumulative chiller plant operating data on relative system and component performance, Plant Diagnostics categorizes equipment issues and prioritizes recommendations.

Plant Diagnostics Benefits

  • Reduced Operations & Maintenance expenses
  • More intelligent maintenance decisions based on actionable recommendations, by plant and by chiller, pump, and tower
  • A better understanding of operational tradeoffs by utilizing intuitive, prioritized guidance
  • A complete picture of your equipment performance across your entire portfolio; ideal for multi-site and campus environments, as well as outsourced operations

At-a-glance scorecard on chiller plant equipment performance