Optional Platform Enhancements

Advanced cloud-based technologies that extend the power of the OptiCx® platform

Dynamic Sequencing
Dynamic Equipment Sequencing ™

Self-learning chiller plant optimization software that learns and adapts over time, using actual chiller operational data to improve overall plant efficiency.

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Predictive Free Cooling
Predictive Free Cooling™

Cloud-connected software that utilizes predictive weather data to more efficiently operate free cooling (water-side economizing), further reducing overall energy consumption in complex cooling systems.

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Chiller Diagnostics
Plant Diagnostics

Monthly status reports that provide full transparency into chilled water plant operations through prioritized maintenance recommendations. Detailed insights into system faults increase the reliability and resiliency of your total system.

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Thermal Energy Storage Dispatch™
Predictive Thermal Energy Storage Dispatch™

Predictive TES dispatch™ determines the best time to charge and discharge your TES tank. Calculates the right amount of re-charging needed. Running the charge/discharge process at the optimal time and conditions, to get the greatest gains and savings for your system.

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