Net Zero Goals

Net Zero Goals: Real Carbon Reduction Now

As the leader in chilled water plant, air-handler systems, and boiler plant optimization, Optimum Energy allows organizations to make significant measurable gains in their pursuit of carbon neutrality.

If your organization is serious about pursuing net zero carbon, don’t settle for partial solutions that can’t deliver the maximum carbon reduction return on your investments. Optimum Energy is the partner and expert that ensures you take the most efficient and effective path toward achieving your carbon neutral goals.

Measure & Monitor Results with OptiCx® Software

Like all Optimum Energy solutions, the technical expertise doesn’t stop at the end of the project. Optimum Energy’s OptiCx software allows facility and sustainability leaders to measure and monitor the carbon neutral project results, rationalize the data, ensure long term successful outcomes, and provide ongoing resiliency services and operator training.

Superior, Data Driven Energy Efficiency

Combining Optimum Energy products together in the same facility opens the door to superior results. For example, combining OptimumAIR®, OptimumLOOP®, and OptimumHEAT® products can provide a cost-effective solution to first reduce energy through energy efficiency and finally supply heating and cooling at the highest COP (coefficient of performance) possible. Optimum Energy uses a data driven approach to our designs as the installation of a heat recovery chiller requires a clear understanding of the required simultaneous heating and cooling loads to properly size the equipment. Without an accurate data analysis, it is not uncommon for the full value of a heat recovery chiller to go unrealized.


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