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The premier optimization software solution for large-scale chilled water plants

OptimumLOOP is state-of-the-art control software providing continuous system-level optimization of water-cooled chilled water plants. Patented relational control algorithms calculate the most efficient operation of an entire chilled water system and automatically and continuously optimize plant performance in real time. The technology dynamically adapts to fluctuating load, weather and occupancy conditions to yield the lowest possible kW/ton, resulting in energy and cost savings of up to 50%, while ensuring all cooling needs continue to be met.

OptimumLOOP acts as an intelligent supervisory layer that runs on top of your Building Automation System (BAS) or PLC, providing an unparalleled level of advanced decision making to the operation of chillers, pumps, cooling towers, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems and more. Other systems focus on individual components or require facilities staff to parse difficult-to-understand information in order to take action. Only OptimumLOOP combines more than 15 years of chiller plant optimization experience with patented algorithms customized for your facility to holistically and automatically determine the optimal operation of all chiller plant equipment, making it the most sophisticated and powerful solution in the industry.

OptimumLOOP Benefits

  • Sustainable energy reductions of up to 50%
  • Automatic and continuous optimization of your chilled water system without requiring operator intervention
  • Peak plant efficiency, no matter the building load or ambient conditions
  • Streamlined chiller plant operations
  • Increased equipment life
  • Scalable across your entire building portfolio

OptimumLOOP Technical Architecture