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Optimum Energy’s Retro-Commissioning Services Offer Significant Building-Side Savings

15 May 2024

The operation of mechanical and building automation systems play a crucial role in maintaining comfortable and compliant spaces. Over time building operations can become inefficient due to factors such as aging equipment, outdated controls sequences, and changing operational needs. 

Optimum Energy’s Engineering Solutions group provides the expertise and technical resources to design and implement all Retro-Commissioning and BAS Upgrade services. Optimum has developed a process that comprehensively and systematically optimizes the performance of existing building systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency.  

Retro-Commissioning focuses on existing buildings and can deliver substantial benefits including energy savings, improved comfort, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.  Typically, our Retro-Commissioning services payback between 12 and 18 months. This makes it an invaluable investment for facility teams, and offers another path to funding projects that otherwise would have been out of budget.   

By conducting a detailed assessment of your facilities, controls sequences, and operational parameters, our Retro-Commissioning experts can identify opportunities for optimization and implement interventions to improve performance and drive savings. 

As your organization seeks to navigate the complexities of sustainable building management, our Retro-Commissioning services offer a proven pathway to improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and enhanced sustainability. 

We would love to discuss if Retro-Commissioning could be a tool that would benefit you and your team. Please reach out to Alex Lee at to discuss further.