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Optimum Energy’s total customer savings surpass $200 Million

06 January 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that our total customer savings have just surpassed the $200 Million mark. The collective cost savings translates into energy savings of over 1.8 billion kWh and carbon reductions of more than 1.1 Million metric tons. Optimum’s software has also cut water use by over 380 million gallons to date. The savings data are tracked in real time and are viewable via a counter displayed on the Optimum Energy home page.

The data draws from Optimum Energy’s software installations across four continents, optimizing the cooling and heating of over 210 Million ft2 of space in a variety of facility types. From pharmaceutical labs to semiconductor fabs, universities to hospitals, office buildings to data centers and more, customers around the world continue to rely on Optimum Energy’s software solutions to help them meet their financial and sustainability goals.

This savings milestone is truly an exciting start to 2021. Stay tuned for more good things to come from Optimum Energy.