HVAC systems account for as much as 65% of the total energy use in the laboratories, data centers and production clean rooms that power the pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical devices industries. While consumer safety and regulatory compliance will always take precedence, manufacturers are increasingly committing to sustainable practices throughout the product lifecycle. Optimum Energy is here to help.

Optimum Energy’s world-class optimization solutions reduce HVAC system energy consumption while maintaining the controlled ambient conditions that are crucial to product quality. With extensive experience in the life sciences industry, including installations at pharmaceutical facilities on four continents, Optimum understands the critical role that HVAC systems play in research and production, and has a successful track record of balancing energy needs with air quality requirements. The benefits don’t stop with energy savings, either. The OptiCx platform comes with powerful asset management tools to help you with everything from predictive maintenance to improving your business continuity efforts to third-party vendor oversight. And Optimum’s dedicated team of expert HVAC engineers can act as an extension of your facilities staff, assisting in you in meeting your operational goals while ensuring your operations team can focus on keeping your facility running.

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