Optimum Energy understands the important contribution that HVAC systems make towards the mission critical nature of manufacturing facilities. Some of the biggest names in manufacturing, including in industries like semiconductor, automotive and aerospace, rely on Optimum Energy to not only directly support their bottom lines with significant energy savings, but to help them improve the operation of their facilities.

Complementary to your existing Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing initiatives, OptimumLOOP and the OptiCx platform give you the information you need to ensure your HVAC systems support your manufacturing facilities, instead of jeopardizing them. From asset management capabilities to helping you avoid downtime via predictive maintenance alerts, from expert engineers that augment your existing staff to visibility into sites halfway across the world, Optimum Energy has the people, processes and products to help you get the most out of your HVAC system.

Optimum Energy saved one major semiconductor manufacturer more than $1.8 Million over the last 12 months across 6 of their sites in the US and Asia