District Cooling

As the premier provider of chiller plant optimization software, with over 15 years of experience optimizing some of the largest and most complex district cooling plants in the world, Optimum Energy has a unique understanding of district cooling provider needs and concerns. From the major district cooling provider with 120,000 tons of cooling to the campus with seven interconnected plants totaling 60,000 tons and massive thermal energy storage tanks, we’ve optimized it all. No plant is too big and no design is too complex for Optimum Energy’s team of expert engineers and fully customizable OptimumLOOP software.

Paired with the OptimumLOOP on-premise software, Optimum Energy’s OptiCx platform has a host of unique features and optional enhancements that go beyond energy savings, and which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of large-scale district cooling plants. Machine Learning-based intelligent sequencing solutions. Predictive Thermal Energy Storage Dispatch. Detailed insights into your plant’s performance at your fingertips. The industry’s leading team of support engineers, who help you identify issues before they occur and troubleshoot unforeseeable problems when they do arise. Taken together, the Optimum Energy solution is the complete answer to your district cooling system's operational efficiency needs.

Case Studies