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An enduring partnership with UT Austin delivers innovation, efficiency and energy savings

23 September 2020

We’re excited to announce our latest customer success case study, with the University of Texas at Austin.

University of Texas at Austin

Our partnership with the University of Texas at Austin has lasted for more than a decade, and during that time we have helped them achieve what seemed impossible: reducing their chilled water system’s overall energy usage as the campus grew. The long-term phased approach we took together combines industry-leading chiller plant optimization software, powerful cloud-based analytics, and a dedicated team of support engineers, all working hand-in-hand with the UT Austin operations team to support their mission. Together, OptimumLOOP and the OptiCx platform now run the University’s chiller plants at an incredible 0.59 kW/ton system-wide efficiency across 63,000 tons of cooling capacity, saving almost 30 Million kWh per year, reducing CO2 emissions by 72,000 tons per year, and contributing to a peak load reduction of 4.2 MW.

For more information on how we have built this successful partnership with UT Austin, and the amazing efficiency milestones we’ve helped them reach, click here to download our newest case stud