Environmental Sustainability

Optimum Energy’s environmental impact is substantial. Since our founding in 2005 our solution has enabled customers to:

  • Save almost 500 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, the equivalent of electricity used for over 50,000 homes in one year
  • Reduce carbon emissions by over 630 million pounds, the equivalent of annual emissions from 56,000 passenger vehicles
  • Save over 100 million gallons of water, the equivalent of water used by 15,700 Americans showering every day for one year

Optimum Energy customer, Johnson & Johnson recognized Optimum Energy’s significant impact on its corporate carbon emissions reductions with a Supplier Sustainability award in 2013.

To become and stay LEED-certified, it’s no longer enough to just green the building design. It is becoming increasingly necessary to continuously validate performance outcomes—and dynamically re-certify—year after year. Building owners must be able to repeatedly measure and verify ongoing performance, and prove their facilities are saving energy, water, money and other resources as projected. Owners of building systems that integrate feedback mechanisms leading to increased performance are well positioned for this shift.

With Optimum’s solution, building owners can rest easy that they are well prepared for this trend. Optimum’s control software dynamically commissions building performance. Data-science driven technology continuously analyzes and improves building performance over time. Meanwhile building owners can verify and track performance and savings—water, cost and CO2 savings—from any smartphone, tablet (iOS or Android app) or Web browser.

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