The 3 Laws of True Optimization

The 3 Laws of True Optimization

November 5, 2019
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Law #1 – You cannot optimize what you do not measure.


Without an accurate measure of energy use by each piece of equipment in the system, it is impossible to accurately predict the impact of varying conditions on the system.

Law #2 – Optimize systems, not just individual components.


If an optimization plan focuses only on installing the most efficient pieces of equipment—without regard to how to maximize performance of the whole system—it will fail to capture the total available system efficiency. Holistic automatic optimization of HVAC systems typically increases energy efficiency by an additional 10%-25% over new equipment alone.

Law #3 – Optimization must be automatic, dynamic, and continuous for maximum efficiency.


Optimization should be a real-time dynamic process, not a static process. If a plant’s operational control is not based on real-time inputs, it cannot be fully optimized

Optimum Energy’s True Optimization® solution is control software that integrates directly with any building automation system to continuously reduce energy consumption. Relational control algorithms calculate the most efficient operation of the system and automatically optimize plant performance in real time. No human intervention is required.

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