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Systems-level optimization for your boiler system needs

OptimumHEAT is patented, state-of-the-art configurable control software providing continuous, system-level optimization of boiler plants. Patented relational control algorithms calculate the most efficient operation of an entire boiler system and automatically calculates the most efficient operation of boilers and pumps. The technology dynamically optimizes system performance in real time, delivering energy and cost savings of up to 50%—while maintaining superior occupant comfort and maximizing safety.

OptimumHEAT learns how boilers systems perform and uses this data to improve overall plant efficiency

OptimumHEAT learns how boilers perform in a variety of operating conditions. Demand-based relational control algorithms optimize hot water and steam systems, develop optimal equipment combinations and sequences for maximizing system efficiency, and route these recommendations to the Building Automation System (BAS). OptimumHEAT is the most powerful hot water and steam system optimization solution available, staging boilers to operate at their “sweet spot” for optimum performance, and prolonging the life of plant equipment.

OptimumHEAT Benefits

  • Automatically, continuously optimizes boiler systems in the most holistic, intelligent manner
  • Delivers consistent savings across industries, settings and control systems
  • Streamlines operations and lengthens equipment life
  • Data-driven HVAC optimization that learns and adapts over time significantly lowers operating expenses while increasing safety and reliably
  • Sustainably reduces energy use by up to 50%

Maximum operational flexibility while maintaining safety

OptimumHEAT employs real-time machine learning, which leads to improved performance algorithms over time. Your system becomes “smarter,” and more efficient while safety is maintained. OptimumHEAT