Optimum Energy and Belimo Technology Licensing Deal Advances Innovative HVAC Solutions

Optimum Energy and Belimo Technology Licensing Deal Advances Innovative HVAC Solutions

January 7, 2019
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Leading companies will build on previous collaboration that produced the Belimo Energy Valve, saving energy for thousands of customers

SEATTLE, January 7, 2019—Optimum Energy and Belimo Automation AG are advancing innovative HVAC optimization solutions through a licensing deal that provides Belimo with Optimum Energy’s recently patented IoT technologies for smart valves.

The agreement brings together Optimum Energy’s creative technology with Belimo’s hardware innovation to make smart valves even smarter and more valuable with practical, energy-saving solutions. This deal builds on the success of the award-winning Belimo Energy Valve™, which incorporates Optimum’s technology. The Belimo Energy Valve has provided incredible value to thousands of customers since its launch in 2012.

“We’re honored to continue our partnership with Belimo. They are the best in the field, and we know they’ll turn our ideas into reality,” said Larry Stapleton, Optimum Energy president. “It’s exciting to see our innovations improved upon—it’s always gratifying to help advance energy-saving smart building technology in the Internet of Things.”

“We are always looking for ways to expand our capabilities and provide greater value to our customers,” said Jim Furlong, president of Belimo Americas. “Making HVAC systems more efficient while providing improved occupant comfort, energy efficiency, simplified installation and maintenance-free operation is Belimo’s mission. These newly patented technologies from Optimum Energy will enable better optimization of hydronic systems with smarter Belimo Energy Valves featuring advanced process algorithms and cloud-enabled analytic capabilities.”

The three licensed smart valve technologies provide powerful algorithms designed to enable optimal efficiency, reduce energy and water use, and lengthen equipment life, among other benefits.

About the technology

The Controlled Hydronic Distribution System (patent 9,810,438 B2) networks smart valves so they can share temperature, valve position and other information with a central controller (such as a microprocessor), enabling pumps to operate at the most efficient speed while maintaining correct fluid flow throughout the system. This reduces a chiller plant’s overall energy use, lengthens equipment life and increases system efficiency.

The Method for Precise Electric Actuator Control with Reduced Valve Positioning (patent 6,607,140 B1) helps prevent actuator motor burnout and maintain optimal efficiency by achieving effective control while reducing how frequently the motor repositions the actuator in response to control.

In the Air Handler Unit Including a Smart Valve (patent 10,119,711), the smart valve uses sensor information to maintain optimal efficiency by controlling the amount of water that passes through the process water coil. The smart valve will control the supply air temperature to a specified setpoint at optimal efficiency, saving water and energy.

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