Utility Execs' Roundtable: The Power of Innovation

Utility Execs’ Roundtable: The Power of Innovation

January 5, 2017

Article first appeared in Fortnightly Magazine

“Dominion versus stewardship are two fundamentally different concepts and will impact what innovation looks like in the future,” Optimum Energy President and CEO Bert Valdman told executives at an innovation roundtable in Washington, D.C.

The executives at roundtable includes:

Bert Valdman, CEO, Optimum Energy
Chris Gould, Senior Vice President – Strategy and Chief Sustainability Officer, Exelon
Chuck Darville, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Southern Company
Don Clevenger, Senior Vice President – Strategic Planning, Oncor
Sasha Weintraub, Senior Vice President – Customer Solutions, Duke Energy

The electric utility industry has recognized that its future will look much different from its past. An environment where disruptive technology establishes opportunity and customer behavior defines necessity. It drives a fundamental reshaping of how the industry positions itself to meet these challenges.

To address this market shift, industry executives have begun to communicate internally about the importance and value of innovation within their companies. Executives have also been tapped to “stand-up” organizations to enable these companies to adopt the kinds of practices long embedded in industrial and consumer products companies

The experiences of these senior executives convey insights attained through the hard work of creating their unique innovation platforms. For other companies just now forging their own ways to innovate, these insights can accelerate program development. And harness a collective experience that can eliminate false starts and costly failures.

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