Reseller Program Puts OptimumEDGE in Expert Hands

Reseller Program Puts OptimumEDGE in Expert Hands

October 20, 2016

Optimum Energy’s new OptimumEDGE™ product—a quick-start HVAC optimization solution that shaves chiller-plant energy use by 13 percent on average—is available through controls integrators, so we set a high bar for certified Optimum Energy authorized resellers.

ATS Automation, Entech Sales and Service, Flutec LP, Sunbelt Controls and Wunderlich-Malec all have deep expertise in HVAC and chiller plants, along with seasoned controls planners. They all recognize that OptimumEDGE gives them the opportunity to improve HVAC performance for their midsize customers by providing affordable access to patented technology previously available only in OptimumLOOP™, our advanced chiller-plant optimization solution for large commercial facilities.

“OptimumEDGE complements our model of providing our clients with software-based technology for energy savings that fits their sustainability and other green initiatives,” says Brandon Harlan, Service and Technology Manager for Sunbelt Controls, adding that OptimumEDGE uses setup wizards that will reduce the cost of implementation.

The five resellers certified to date serve geographic regions and building types where chiller plant optimization can provide significant savings, says Keith Wintraub, Director of Product Marketing for Optimum Energy.

ATS Automation, established in 1986, specializes in custom engineered and installed building automation system control solutions for mechanical and electrical systems that allow owners to reduce energy consumption and maximize effectiveness of facilities management personnel. ATS has offices and provides services in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska.

Entech Sales and Service consists of several cohesive business groups working together to provide services for commercial and industrial buildings. The company fields 350 experts in Oklahoma City and the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Garland and Houston markets in Texas.

Flutec LP is a mechanical HVAC design-build contractor with offices in El Paso, Texas; Juarez, Mexico; and Silao, Mexico. Flutec specializes in high-tech HVAC applications, ranging from simple evaporative-cooled industrial facilities to complex clean-room spaces. Flutec also offers fully integrated packaged chilled-water central plants under the brand name Chil-Pak and manufactures multizone control dampers, fan coils and air handling units.

Sunbelt Controls is a full-service building automation contractor for new construction and retrofit projects in the western U.S. It provides complete, fully integrated, single-source solutions including engineering applications, automated control systems, design assistance, sustainable maintenance service, retro-commissioning and energy rebate–supported projects.

Wunderlich-Malec provides engineering, system integration and fabrication solutions from offices throughout the U.S. With more than 350 professionals on staff, it is one of the largest engineering companies in the country and has handled projects for U.S.-based clients in many parts of the world.

“It makes perfect sense for customers to buy optimization from the controls integrators because they provide one-stop service,” Wintraub says. “Not only do they supply the controls solution, they also implement it and provide ongoing support. Plus, it’s always great to be able to work with people you know and trust who understand the specifics of your site.”

Optimum Energy is looking for additional controls integrators that have experience with HVAC controls implementation, particularly in the South Atlantic, West South Central and Mid-Atlantic regions. Those serving office buildings, hospitals and K–12 schools are most likely to have clients that will benefit from Optimum Edge.

Optimum Energy provides training, support, qualified sales leads and co-marketing to Optimum Energy Authorized Resellers. Contact Wintraub for details.

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