IBM Lauds Optimum Energy Software’s Results

IBM Lauds Optimum Energy Software’s Results

July 25, 2017

In an interview with Environmental Leader, IBM’s Greg Peterson, the company’s manager of global energy and environment, discusses three energy efficiency initiatives that are saving money and energy at the global tech company’s facilities.

IBM sprawls over 900 locations in 71 countries and is now benefiting from big data analytics tools such as ours. Greg notes that Optimum’s technology runs at 12 IBM sites with plans for expansion.

In the Q&A article, Greg highlights the dramatic results he’s getting with OptimumLOOP®, one of the global initiatives. Here’s an excerpt from the July 21 article:

During the conference you talked about optimizing chilled water systems. How does that work?

Typically if you have a large facility, you have a chilled water system. That’s how you air condition the building. We spend a good bit of money around the world cooling our facilities. Roughly 40% of all our energy goes to cooling the buildings. Every chiller system is different. You can design two side by side and they’ll each operate a little differently.

We found a software product called Optimum Energy that monitors the entire chiller system and figures out in real time how to most efficiently produce that chilled water for a facility. It’s considering the weather, equipment, temperatures, past usage trends, building use. It’s also making changes to the equipment so the system becomes more efficient as time goes on.

There are, on average, about 400 points per site in roughly one-minute intervals, and it’s two-way communication. We have that at 12 sites right now and we’re probably going to add another eight shortly.

We’re saving about $4.5 million a year right now, and we’re seeing 25 to 35% energy reduction on our chiller plants.

Read the entire interview here.