HVACR 2018: What's New?

HVACR 2018: What’s New?

January 16, 2018

This article originally appeared on HPAC Engineering

By Ian Dempster, Senior Director of Product Innovation, Optimum Energy

Ian Dempster

Building operators are starting to realize that they could be using data to much greater advantage. Operating data from BAS and EMS systems and equipment can tell you where the building is using energy, whether equipment is working correctly and efficiently, and whether the automation sequence is controlling the building systems effectively.

In the past, getting this data has been an issue because of building owners’ and operators’ justifiable data security and ownership concerns—they were saying no to Internet connections. That is changing fast, though. Building engineers are becoming a lot more knowledgeable about cyber security, data security and potential vulnerabilities in their systems, and are staying on top of security updates. The same is true of technology vendors in the buildings sector. Continued progress in this area is important because unconnected buildings that can’t access cloud-based analytics and optimization systems can’t benefit from new technologies that are constantly updating.

The next big focus is going to be making sure all the data and intelligence that’s gathered is put to use to make buildings operate better and more efficiently. Building operators right now are not necessarily closing the data loop and taking the actions that benefit their buildings the most. Feeding the results of data collection and analysis back into the building’s operating systems, and automatically optimizing them, is where we’re going to start seeing the real value in the Internet of Things.

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