Fortnightly Magazine: Innovation Leaders' Roundtable, Part 1

Fortnightly Magazine: Innovation Leaders’ Roundtable, Part 1

December 7, 2017

In 2016, Optimum Energy CEO, Bert Valdman was part of the Strategy and Public Utilities Fortnightly collaboration on Innovation Roundtable: The Power of Innovation. They recently conducted a second innovation roundtable in Washington, D.C. at offices of the Edison Electric Institute with several senior executives from across utilities. The first part of collaboration was just featured and will be part of the Fortnightly Magazine December issue.

Innovation Leaders’ Roundtable, Part 1

Utility industry executives have been hard at work architecting their companies to meet a technology driven future that is different from the past. The convergence of available technologies (the ‘push’) with customer behavior (the ‘pull’) has created a new market environment for companies.

Since the initial roundtable, companies have continued to recognize and appreciate the nature and pace of disruption. And they have laid the foundation for building sustainable innovation in ways they imagined, but were uncertain they could achieve.

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